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State Zoning and Affordable Housing Bills – Save Local Control and Single Family Communities

BCC Call to Action for August – Fight SB1120 and 902

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RE:  SB1120 and SB902- Oppose Unless Amended

Dear Assembly-Members,

We are aware that there is a critical demand for low-income housing in our state.  However, we ask that SB 1120/SB902 be Amended to meet their goals of safe, affordable housing with these common sense amendments:

1. Add a 50% affordable housing mandate to all new units produced on split lots to address the greatest need of providing 90% of all new units to those earning less than 80% AMI.  Restrict lot splitting to locations within existing transit oriented zoning districts or high quality transit corridors, as true affordable housing must address the need for easy access to mass transit.

2. Require an exemption for Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones.

3. Add local discretion for parking – not all areas have plentiful street parking.

4. Add local discretion for set-backs and height – the Bill does not meet safety standards in all areas.

Respectfully yours,