During the holiday season, the number of delivered package thefts skyrocket.  Thieves literally follow the UPS and Fed Ex trucks throughout the neighborhood and scoop up the delivered packages right off front porches.  It’s a very, VERY, common crime, especially this time of year, and it’s time to consider changing … READ MORE

AS the VA grows with homeless Veterans making it their deserved home and staff to tend to their needs during the day, traffic will grow as well.
This Plan from 2015 makes for lenghtly reading, but involves what the process is to develop a plan.… READ MORE

The Brentwood Community Council, an organization dedicated to keeping Brentwood beautiful and its citizenry engaged and well informed, will annually present this award to a resident, property owner or business operator within Brentwood 90049.


The recipient shall be a person who has made a significant contribution to the improvement READ MORE