BCC Awards

BCC Student Civic Award

The Brentwood Student Citizen Award is given every year to deserving Brentwood youth under the age of 18 years who have demonstrated initiative, leadership, innovation, and dedication toward improving the lives of others.  These students have made amazing contributions not only to the Brentwood Community but also to the City of Los Angeles and in many cases, communities around the world as well. 

Nominations are made by school administration in consultation with school faculty members and counselors.  Certificates of merit are presented to the students at an award ceremony during a BCC meeting and include the presentation of certificates from the BCC, Council District 11, The Mayor, District Assemblymember, State Senator, and Federal Representative.

Eligible students are not required to live in Brentwood but must attend one of the schools either located in or that serve the Brentwood community.  Current awards are given to high school students from Palisades Charter High School, University High School, The Brentwood School and Archer School for Girls.  Past awards were given to middle school students as well from Paul Revere and St. Martin of Tours. These students are a true inspiration to our community. 

This Award was introduced by Loretta Ditlow, former BCC Board Member, in 2002.

The following are students who have received the Student Civic Award.


Itzel Hernandez – Palisades Charter High School
Talia Ginsberg – Brentwood School
Hannah Kim – Archer School for Girls
Daniel Pineda – University High School

Wyatt Sarkisian – Brentwood School
Wendy Cano – Palisades Charter High School
Siena Mills – Archer School for Girls
Litzy Bautista – University High School

Full list of past BCC Student Award Winners

BCC Shining Star Award

The BCC “Shining Star” Award is given to a person who has performed an outstanding act of kindness, a heroic act, extraordinary achievement in the arts, education or other roles deserving of commendation.

It may be given at any BCC meeting by the Chair in appreciation from the entire BCC Board and the greater community. Their name may be submitted to the Chair by anyone on the BCC Board or in the Community.

This Award may be given when appropriate.  There is no limit as to the number of people awarded in a given year.