Board Members and Officers

Chair – Kyle Kozloff
Vice Chair – Michelle Bisnoff
Secretary – Mary Sidell
Treasurer – Richard Stein
Non-Officer-Member – Teri Redman Kahn
Chair Emeritus -Larry Watts

The Board Members of the Brentwood Community Council are the Representative (“R”) and Alternate (“A”) for the following Stakeholder Organizations

A. Geographical Zones

ZONE 1: Brentwood Hills Homeowners Association
R Eric Edmunds
A Jerry Adomian

ZONE 2: Upper Mandeville Canyon Property Owners’ Association
John Binder
Joshua Binder

ZONE 3: Mandeville Canyon Association
R Daniel Branscome

ZONE 4: Brentwood Park Property Owners Association
R Mary Ann Lewis
A Ira Pianko

ZONE 5: Brentwood Homeowners Association
R Raymond Klein
A Rod Liber

ZONE 6: Crestwood Hills Association
R Kyle Kozloff

ZONE 7: South Brentwood Residents’ Association
R David Holzman
A Elyse Arbour

ZONE 8: Brentwood Glen Association
R Jacqui Rosen
A Kathy Foley

ZONE 9: Mountaingate Community Association

ZONE 10: Bel Air Knolls Property Owners Association
R Georgia Alkov

ZONE 11:Bel Air Skycrest Property Owners Association

R Barbara Dohrmann
A Raffle Beroukhim

ZONE 12: Sullivan Canyon Property Owners Association

R Larry Watts
A Kay Holland

ZONE 13: Brentwood Terrace Homeowners Association

R Sam Yadegar
A Herb Rose

B. Residential Neighbors of the Brentwood School

David Melnick
A Chuck Grobe

C. Multi-Family Residential

R Matt Kohler
A Alisa Morgenthaler

D. Brentwood Village Business District

R Milla Nova

E. San Vicente Business District

R Amber Jamal
A Michele Aronson

F. Educational Institutions — Private Schools (one)

The Archer School for Girls (M, H)
Berkeley Hall School (P, E, M, )
Bel Air Presbyterian Preschool (P)
Brentwood Presbyterian Church Nursery School (P)
Brentwood School (E, M, H)
Crestwood Hills Cooperative Nursery School (P)
Milken Community School (M, H)
The Mirman School (E, M)
Mount St. Mary’s College(C)
St. Martin of Tours School (E, M)
Sunshine Pre-School (P)
University Synagogue Early Childhood Learning Center (P)
Westland School (E)
Code: P = Pre-School, E = Elementary School,
M = Middle School, H = High School, C = College
R Mary Sidell
A Janet Lyons

G. Educational Institutions — Public Schools (one)

Brentwood Science Magnet (E)
Kenter Canyon Charter Elementary School (E)
Paul Revere Charter Middle School (M)
Palisades Charter High School (H)
University High School (H)
Code: E = Elementary School, M = Middle School, H = High School
R Caroline Kelly
Nicholas Melvoin (Honorary)

H. Environmental Representative (one)

Brentwood Beautiful
Brentwood Green
Veterans Park Conservancy
R Teri Redman Kahn
A Julie Clark de Blasio

I. Transportation

R Lauren Cole
A Flo Chapgier

J. Civic/Cultural/NonProfit (one)

Brentwood Historical Society
Village for Vets
Brentwood Westwood Symphony Orchestra
Friends of the Library
The Getty Center
Skirball Center

A Nancy Freedman

K. Public Safety (one)

West Los Angeles Community Police Advisory Board/Committees
Emergency Preparedness
R Michelle Bisnoff
A Sheila Simmons

L. Ministerial/Congregational (one)

Brentwood Presbyterian Church
Chabad of Brentwood
St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church
Tenth Church of Christ Scientist
University Synagogue
Village Lutheran Church of Westwood

 M. Land Use (one)

Carolyn Jordan
A  Michael Berk

N. Member-at-Large (two)

R Richard Stein
A Len Blum
R Daniel Abramson
A Josh Stephens

N. Non-Voting Members (two)

Chair Emeritus, Larry Watts
Michael Berk, Legal Advisor