Brentwood Community Council Student Awards

2017         Steven Pineda- University High School

                 Lilith Ferreira- Palisades Charter High School

                 Maya Wernick- Archer School for Girls

                 Caitlin Cohen- Brentwood School


2016          Nancy Gomez- University High School

                  Uma Halsted- Archer School for Girls

                  Jared Rubin- Brentwood School … READ MORE

The Brentwood Youth Citizen Award is given every year to deserving Brentwood youth under the age of 18 years who have demonstrated initiative, leadership, innovation, and dedication toward improving the lives of others.  These students have made amazing  contributions not only to the Brentwood Community, but also to the City … READ MORE

The Brentwood Community Council, an organization dedicated to keeping Brentwood beautiful and its citizenry engaged and well informed, will annually present this award to a resident, property owner or business operator within Brentwood 90049.


The recipient shall be a person who has made a significant contribution to the improvement READ MORE