Nomination for Brentwood Community Recognition Award


We live in a community where there are many people who can be recognized for their outstanding concern or actions that improve the quality of life in Brentwood. Once a year the Brentwood Community Council will honor such a person who has made a noteworthy contribution to the community.



Any organization or individual in the community may nominate a candidate. There is no limit to the number of nominations an individual or organization may submit. The nomination for the award must both:

(a) State the nature of the extraordinary accomplishment done by the candidate that resulted in a substantial benefit to the community at-large and

(b) Summarize the candidate’s steady, reliable, long-term service within the community.




The recipient must be an adult who resided in Brentwood (within the Brentwood Area boundaries) at the time the accomplishment and the services were rendered.


Each recipient’s service should be of a voluntary nature and not be any beneficial outcome of official, financial, business or professional work or occupation that the recipient is engaged in.


The Community Recognition Award shall not be given to any BCC board member based upon services directly related to his or her responsibilities as a board member, although long term services may be considered as qualifying factors.


There shall be only one award given each calendar year. Please answer the questions below and add your comments as to why this particular person should be recognized for his/her contributions to the community.


If you prefer to download and fill out the application, please Click Here and send the application to or mail to BCC 149 S. Barrington Ave. #194, LA CA 90049


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