The Standing Committees of the Brentwood Community Council

If you would like to have a Committee Chairman contact you, please indicate which committee and  Click Here to send the request . Click here for a description of the committees.

Executive Committee

Michelle Bisnoff, Chair,Mary Sidell, Secretary, Richard Stein, Treasurer, Teri Redman Kahn, Non-officer Member Larry Watts, Chair Emeritus

Representation Committee

Chair Nancy Freedman, Jacqui Rosen, Flo Chapgier, Michelle Bisnoff, Larry Watts,  Kyle Kozloff, Marylin Krell

Land Use Committee

Chair Carolyn Jordan, Co-Chair, Michael Berk
Mary Sidell,  Lauren Cole (as needed), Raymond Klein, Richard Stein,  Carolyn Jordan, Len Blum, Josh Stephens

Transportation Committee

Lauren Cole, Chair, Flo Chapgier, Co-Chair
Daniel Abramson, Flo Chapgier, Eric Edmunds, Raymond Klein,
Teri Redman Kahn

Specific Plan Committee

Richard Stein, Chair, Carolyn Jordan, Nancy Freedman,
Jane Blumenfeld, Josh Stephens, Flora Krisiloff, Larry Watts,
Michele Aronson, Marlene Grossman, Marylin Krell, Raymond Keller,
Steve Billings, Stephanie Reich

Student Civic Awards

Mary Sidell, Caroline Kelly

Environmental Committee

Teri Redman Kahn, Chair, Julie Clark De Blasio, Vice Chair
Nancy Freedman, Sara Nichols


Victoria Talbot, Pat Schraier

Bylaws Committee

WRAC LUC Attendees – Nancy Freedman, Flo Chapgier